Church Outreaches

Science, Archeology, Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Aliens.

These are all reasons people have for doubting the truth of the Bible.
These outreaches are designed to unravel these mysteries, helping skeptics find truth, and arming believers with solid proof for their faith.

Creation Vs. Evolution

What is the true history of dinosaurs?

Did Life Come from Space?
This crucial presentation refutes the possibility that a space
speck turned into a fish, and eventually turned into us.

What are Neanderthals?
Are they subhuman? Are they a separate species? The answer
to both questions is a resounding “No!” Get the facts.

Darwin’s Secret
Are humans made in the image of God or an animal?

Prove It!

Prove It: The Bible
Medical Evidence, Scientific Evidence, Prophetic Evidence, etc.

Prove It: Sodom, Jericho, David and Goliath
Examine proof for the three most attacked historical records in the Bible. The final application from David and Goliath is to fully engage in the battle.

Prove It: The Tower
Discover proof for the Tower of Babel using archeology and the tracing of the spread of the “Tower Religion” throughout the world. The end times “Spirit of Babylon” is the focus of the application.

Current Issues

The Truth About Aliens
Seventy-five percent of young adults believe in real Aliens on other planets. Many are taught that Aliens seeded life on Earth. We live in an Alien-obsessed culture. We need to be prepared to give biblically based answers.

Atheists Favorite Bible Stories
Some professors have worked on their attack arguments for decades. In this outreach, the top arguments Atheists use are addressed, and evidence for the truth of God’s Word is shared.

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